Inspirational Summer

Inspirational Summer
The weather is warming up, daylight is lasting longer each day, and the sun is shining more frequently. This may be just the motivation you need to achieve your health goals by starting to eat right. Not to mention, this summer we will also have the opportunity to engage as America takes on the world in Rio.

I can’t help but be inspired by each athlete’s commitment and dedication, not to mention watching to see exactly what the human body can be pushed to do. Being a swimmer at a younger age, I was naturally inspired by the most decorated athlete, Michael Phelps. He once said, “Nothing is impossible. With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination.” Imagination can be a powerful tool for success. Coupled with perseverance, a positive mind-set and a willingness to work hard, imagination can give you a competitive edge to help you rise in achieving almost anything.

These elite athletes treat their bodies like temples and don’t abuse the food that is fueling them. As humans, we weren’t meant to be overweight or suffer from chronic disease, like heart disease or diabetes. Instead, we were built to be able to participate in challenging athletic and life events. We don’t all have to go for the gold; however, we should treat our bodies as the most precious tool we have. This summer might be just the season to celebrate new health commitments with family and friends by impressing them thru a cookout filled with delicious, nutritious foods they will love.

When I meet with customers one thing I typically recommend is for them to shift their mindset and begin to build their plate around fruits and vegetables first. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, high in fiber and are packed with the nutrients you need. Not to mention, there is a wide variety of fresh produce readily available at your local Martin’s all summer long. Once you have your fruits and vegetables planned you can then build in your healthy carbohydrate (grains) and lean protein sources.

It is great to dream. It is even better, however, to recognize that in order to make your dreams a reality, it takes determination, dedication and effort. This summer may provide great motivation to start a new exercise plan, begin a healthy eating routine, etc. Life’s challenges wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them! Take your dreams and turn them into reality. How will you use this summer and the world’s games to improve your health?

Be Well,
Martin’s Health and Wellness Advisor, Kristin Humes RDN CD