100 Day Challenge

Join us in a pledge to Eat Smart and Be Well for 100 days! Taking this pledge does not mean giving up all of your favorite foods, but taking small steps towards meeting your goals. Use the next 100 days to meet whatever health goals you have. Maybe you want to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, cut back on sweets or drink more water. Whatever the goal is, embrace it! This will lead to lifestyle changes that are long lasting.

Use the suggestions on the right to get started on some ideas for your personal Eat Smart Be Well 100 Day Challenge. Start by adding one new thing each week, each month, or go all in, whichever works best for you! Write down your plan and remember to commit to it, own it and embrace it!

    > Eat meals at the table and as a family
    > Make half your plate fruits and veggies at each meal
    > Choose foods with five ingredients or less
    > Live an active lifestyle, embrace movement
    > Cook together as a family or with friends
    > Eat more meals at home using fresh ingredients you love
    > Make water your beverage of choice. Try infused water
    > Swap out some desserts for fruit
    > Choose whole, unprocessed foods
    > Embrace cooking and discover your inner chef
    > Pay attention to how you feel when eating to help monitor portion sizes
    > Try one new fruit or vegetable each week

For questions, consultations, or information on store events related to nutrition, contact:
Maria Haisley RDN, CD, ACE-CPT
Health and Wellness Advisor for Martin’s Super Markets in partnership with Beacon Health System.
Contact: 574-239-1858 or mhaisley@martins-supermarkets.com